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The facilitator or facilitators organization shall hold public liability insurance for recreational tree climbing to an amount that is suitable for their geographical location.


Insurance For Tree Climbing

by Bill Maher

The cost of liability insurance – and recommended coverage limits – vary from place to place, depending on state/provincial regulations. It is a necessary headache whenever a paying client can be injured. It is even more necessary when climbing with novices younger than the age of 18, or when working with “special populations” such as the physically or emotionally challenged.

Cheap is a relative term in the insurance business. Although some Facilitators and/or Instructors have managed to find short-term low coverage rates from time to time, it is best to budget app. $1,500 for the first year’s insurance. And, expect it to go up every year as business grows.

A good place to start looking for insurance is through the Internet, with a search for insurance for outdoor adventure professionals. In addition to coverage for businesses, many insurers also offer lower-cost policies that help protect individual recreation volunteers and part-time adventure workers who don’t need the same comprehensive coverage that a business would require. Here are a few:

(Most public and private entities you contract with will likely require you provide them with a Certificate of Insurance naming them as an Additional Insured on your policy. Most insurers will issue these upon request at no charge, while some charge after a certain number of certificates are issued in a policy year, and some may charge for certificates issued to private, non-governmental agencies.) - HT

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